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Yasmin is a very popular contraceptive pill. The drug is used to prevent pregnancy.
Birth control
drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol
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Yasmin 3/0.03 mg

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    • YASMIN

      Drug Information

      Yasmin was developed as an oral contraceptive pill designed to get over unwanted pregnancies. It effects its way by preventing ovulation in the female body. Drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol are the active ingredients in Yasmin.

       Yasmin finds application in the treatment of acne in young ladies. But it is quite popular all over the world as an effective and safe option to avoid pregnancies. Some primary benefits of using Yasmin are

      • Yasmin’s easy absorption in the body is a plus point in its favor.
      • It doesn’t allow the female eggs to reach the ovary.
      • Yasmin is a safe and effective way to avoid getting pregnant.
      • It also helps by keeping the skin free of acne infections.
      • Yasmin is instrumental in preventing the sperm from fertilizing the egg to form the zygote.


      Yasmin prevents the release of eggs from the ovary. The two ingredients that are instrumental in delivering this effect are ehinyl estradiol and drospirenone. Yasmin achieves the miracle by manipulating the uterine and cervical lining in such a manner that formation of zygote is rendered impossible.

      How to Take Yasmin?

      Yasmin must always be consumed under medical supervision. Women need to take this drug just once a day with a glass of water. The medication must be initiated on the very day the periods begin.

       The most important part of it is that women intending to take up Yasmin should go through all it has to offer. They should go through the instruction manual and follow the recommendations for the dosage and warnings. They should consult a medical practitioner if they plan to undergo a surgery or any further treatment while they are on Yasmin.

       The dose of Yasmin should be completed without missing out on any single dose. Even if you forget a dose, you don't have to take a double dose to make up for it. You can continue with your normal dose without pondering on the loss. But missing on a dose exposes you to the risk of pregnancy, so you must be very careful.

       Yasmin should be consumed for the complete period prescribed. The duration should not be shortened or elongated at any time without consulting the doctor. There are only some slight side-effects related to the consumption of Yasmin. Do consult a practicing physician if any of these get ugly:

      periods get irregular
      no periods at all
      breast gets full because of excess milk production
      external bleeding that couldn't be attributed to menstrual period
      swelling of the abdomen.


      • The ingredients of Yasmin should be carefully studied and if an allergen is found among them, Yasmin should not be used.
      • A time gap of four weeks should be left after a delivery before a dose of Yasmin could be initiated.
      • Discuss all details of liver, lung, kidney or heart problems with your physician before beginning with a dose of Yasmin.
      • Keep your physician updated on all herbal vitamins, supplements, and non-prescription or prescription medications you might be taking before you begin with Yasmin.
      • Ladies in any stage of pregnancy should not take Yasmin for fear of complications.
      • Ladies nursing young children, those feeding children with their breast milk should also consult a physician before trying out Yasmin.
      • Keep the medicine out of reach of young children and animals.
      •  store Yasmin in a dry and cool place away from exposure to direct sunlight. 

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