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Chloromycetin is an antibiotic drug used as eye ointment and drops to treat bacterial infections.
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Chloromycetin – Medical Facts You Need To Know About This Drug

Chloromycetin is an antibiotic drug used as eye ointment and drops to treat bacterial infections. The bacterial infection causes inflammation in the eyes, which is treated with this antibiotic. The main active ingredient of this medication is Chloramphenicol. This drug is a broad spectrum antibiotic, which can be used for the treatment of wide array of bacterial infections.

This medication stunts the development of the proteins in the bacteria, as a result of which out they can no longer grow or multiply. This drug is administered directly into the eyes, and the treatment is highly effective. The bacteria are killed effectively and the results are seen within days. People using this drug get quick relief which makes this drug very popular. It is specially effective and used successfully for bacterial conjunctivitis.

Chloromycetin was isolated by David Gottlieb in 1940s; it came into clinical practice in 1949. This antibiotic is the first one in its genre to be manufactured synthetically and on a very large scale. This is an FDA approved drug.

How to use Chloromycetin

The recommended dose of this antibiotic is to put a small amount of the prescribed ointment in the affected eye or eyes. This ointment should be applied every 3 hours. The application of the ointment should be continued round the clock for the first 48 hours. Subsequently, the interval between the applications of the drug could be increased as per the advice of the doctor. It is the same with the eye drops. Initially, use a 2-3 drops in the affected eye or eyes and after 48 hour of applying it every 2-3 hours, increase the interval as instructed by the physician.

Precautions/ Contraindications

• The antibiotic should be used only for bacterial infections.
• If you have a medical history of blood cell abnormalities you need to should consult the doctor before using this drug.
• The medicine should not be used by the lactating mothers, as it can pass through the milk.

5 top Benefits of Chloromycetin

• This antibiotic is very economical and easily available both online and offline and hence everyone can use it.
• The major benefit of this medication is that it is highly effective with a wide variety of bacteria.
• Chloromycetin prevents the reproduction of the bacteria and hence, it is extremely effective on controlling the infection.
• This is an FDA approved drug and hence, you are safe to use it.
• The drug provides almost instant relief and hence, it is highly recommended for acute infections caused by bacteria.

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