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Women experiencing severe symptoms of menopause are given Premarin. It works like hormone therapy in women.
Womens Health
Conjugated Estrogens
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Premarin 0.625mg

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    • Premarin

       Drug Information

      Premarin tablets might find prescription for the treatment of cancer in men  and women. Basically, it has a mixture of estrogens with organic origins. Estrogens are female sex hormones produced by the ovaries.

       Several symptoms of menopause like vaginal dryness, hot flashes, irritation and burning are sought to be remedied by virtue of Premarin tablets. They also find application in getting rid of symptoms of osteoporosis in females past their menopause. Premarin tablets are also used to provide estrogens to females who can't produce estrogen owing to problems in the ovary.


      Bearing in mind the fact that estrogens play a vital part in female vivacity, Premarin is full of estrogens. A dose of Premarin is capable of boosting levels of estrogen in the female body.

      How to Take Premarin 

      The advice of a medical practitioner should be sought while on a dose of Premarin. His or her prescription should be followed to the last word. The drug should be consumed in the dosage prescribed. Prescription on the label should be followed, or the doctor's word should be followed while consuming Premarin.

       In the ideal course, Premarin is supposed to be taken everyday. In some cases, a cycle is suggested for the use of Premarin. This might mean three weeks of taking a treatment of Premarin followed by a week off. In any case, follow the instructions of the physician to the last word.  Premarin is meant to boost the levels of the female hormone in the body.

      There could be some side-effects like an upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, changes in weight, headache or  bloating of stomach. In consequence of any of these side-effects, it would be best to consult a trained physician.


      • Regular self examinations of the breasts are always required and important. Lumps signaling an unexpected disease could be detected.
      • The tablets must fulfill the conditions they were meant for. Get your blood tested to make sure they would suit you. You might also get the thyroid tested. A trained medical practitioner would be the best person to keep you on the right track.
      • A dose of Premarin should be stopped if a surgery or some medical tests are anticipated. It would be best to discuss all conditions with the physician before beginning with Premarin.
      • In case you are struggling with symptoms of breast-cancer or uterine-cancer, or you have a family history of heart stroke, or blood clotting in the lower part of the body or your lungs, if you have a family history of liver disorders or unnatural vaginal bleeding, you are advised to stay away from Premarin.
      • Pregnant women are advised to keep a safe distance from Premarin as it may harm the unborn infant.
      • Ingestion of estrogens for a long time might put you at a risk of getting a heart-attack, breast-cancer, blood-clot or even a stroke. All related side-effects and risks should be discussed with the physician before beginning a treatment of Premarin.
      • Self examinations of the breasts is vital because it would reveal lumps, if any develop. These self examinations should be conducted regularly .
      • Premarin is not supposed to be taken for any other purpose than it is meant for. it should not be ingested for the prevention or treatment of dementia, strokes, dementia, or heart disorders.


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