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Gresiofulvin is the medication that is recommended to the patients suffering from fungal infection of nails, hair and skin.
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Fulvicin 250mg

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Fulvicin (Gresiofulvin)

Gresiofulvin is the medication that is recommended to the patients suffering from fungal infection of nails, hair and skin. By this drug the fungi stops growing on the affected part of the body. This medication is recommended in cases where creams and lotions are incapable to alleviate the infection. This also works as an antibiotic, which is used to treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, jock itch or barber’s itch.

This antifungal agent was first extracted from the genus Penicillium spp. in the year 1939. Gresiofulvin is approved by FDA. The interesting fact about this medication is that it is insoluble in water, but when it is taken orally it becomes effective and reaches to the hair and skin. If Gresiofulvin is taken with a heavy meal and is reduced to small particles, the compound becomes more effective and is easily absorbed by the body.

Normal Dosage of the Drug

One should consult the doctor before taking the drug. The dosage of the medicine completely depends on the medical condition and intake of fat of the patient. Normally the medication is taken orally as directed by the Physician. The Gresiofulvin can be taken once in a day or it can be divided into small parts to be taken in a day, which amplifies the absorption of the drug. For the better results doctor recommend to take the medication with a high fat meal.

If the patient is a child then dosage depends upon the weight of the child. The time duration of the treatment completely depends on the type of infection. The treatment duration can extend from weeks to months if the infection is of skin or feet. The dose of Gresiofulvin and the treatment can extend to a year in the case of nail infection. The dosage can also vary in the case of physical response of the patient towards the medication.


Gresiofulvin must be taken always after consulting the doctor. According to the FDA the drug is kept in the C category for the pregnant women. It is not recommended if the woman is pregnant or lactating. This medication is also not for the people suffering from:

• Allergies
• Kidney or Liver diseases
• Blood Diseases
• Porphyria
• Malignant neo-formations

It is also recommended not to father a child if a person is taking Gresiofulvin medication for at least six months following treatment. Alcohol must also be avoided during the treatment, as this medication reacts with alcohol.

5 top benefits of Gresiofulvin

The five benefits of Gresiofulvin are:
1. This medication can treat any fungal infections of hair, skin and nails.
2. This drug can treat infections, which cannot be treated with ointments and lotions.
3. Can be taken once in a day or can be divided into 3-4 small doses.
4. This medication also comes for pediatric use.
5. Complete treatment with this medication can eradicate the infection from the root

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