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Minocycline belongs to the class of medications known as tetracycline antibiotics. It treats the infection by preventing growth and spread of bacteria.

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What are Minocycline uses?

Minocycline is considered as the tetracycline antibiotic which is helpful in fighting against different bacterial infections like tick fever, urinary tract infections, skin infections, rosacea, severe acne, respiratory infections, chlamydia and many others.  

Minocycline antibiotic is known for effectively fighting against the bacteria present in your body. It is also one of the effective drugs used for treating syphilis, gonorrhoea as well as other infections.   

This is also a second-line drug that treats a penicillin allergy. Remember that this drug is only given for treating bacterial infections and is not going to treat viral infections like flu and the common cold. 

Intake of antibiotic when not required can make it to not work for future infections.  

Minocycline generic drug is available in the brand name of Dynacin and Minocin.  

You can easily find this medicine on different online pharmacy at a reasonable cost. You can also read the Minocycline reviews on the internet which will help you in knowing about the effects of it in the best possible manner.  

What is Minocycline dosage? 

It is very important for you to use this medicine exactly in the same manner as prescribed by your doctor. Strictly follow all the directions that are mentioned on your prescription label and also read all the medication guides.  

In case, you have any confusion regarding the dosage of this medicine then contact your doctor once.  

If you want to have the best result of this medicine then take it on an empty stomach.  

You need to take this drug by mouth as prescribed by your doctor, mainly after every 12 hours and at least one hour before or 2 hours after a meal. Always take this medicine with a glass full of water until and unless your doctor directs you otherwise. 

In case you suffer from an upset stomach then you can take it with food or milk because it can help you.  

Though this medicine does not work well when taken with food or milk, so it is better to consult your doctor once and know what can be an effective way of taking it for you.  

If you are taking Minocycline 100mg capsules then swallow it whole without crushing.  

After you have taken this medicine do not lie down for at least 10 minutes. Due to this reason, you should not take this medicine right before going to bed.  

Since this medicine is available in different strengths such as Minocycline 50 mg and Minocycline 100 mg. Due to this reason, the dosage of this medication is completely based upon your medical condition as well as response to the treatment.  

It is very important for you to take this drug 2 to 3 hours before or after taking any products that contain zinc, aluminium, magnesium, calcium or iron.   

Some of the examples of such products are antacids, dairy products, didanosine solution, calcium-enriched juice as well as vitamins and minerals products.  

All these products are to interact with minocycline medication due to which it avoids your body from fully absorbing the medicine.   

Minocycline dosage for UTI completely depends upon your medical condition. So before using it for treating urinary tract infection, consult your doctor once.  

The length of the treatment completely depends upon your medical condition and also a response to the treatment.  

In order to get the best effect, always try to take the antibiotic at evenly spaced times. Take this drug at the same time each day in order to remember taking it.   

It is very important for you to take Minocycline hydrochloride for the full prescribed time even if you start feeling well or if the symptoms withdraw after a few days.

Stopping the medicine in the middle of the treatment can help the infection to return back so until and unless your doctor tells you to stop the medication, continue taking. 

In case, you are using this medicine on a long-term basis then you need to have frequent medical tests. Your doctor might also stop this medicine for a short period of time if you need any kind of surgery.  

Therefore, store this drug at room temperature right away from heat, moisture and light.  

What if you miss a dose? 

The moment you remember, take the missed dose but if it’s time for the next dose then skip the missed dose because two doses should not be taken at the same time.  

Never take extra medicine just to cover up the missed dose.  

What happens if you Minocycline overdose? 

In the case of Minocycline overdose, it is important for you to immediately get emergency medical help.  

Some of the symptoms of an overdose of this medicine include vomiting, dizziness and nausea.

Minocycline for tooth infection 

This medicine is very effective in treating different tooth infection like periodontitis. It is very good at treating gum inflammation & infection.  

Minocycline for sinus infection 

Patients who are suffering from acute bacterial sinusitis can take this drug for treating it effectively. Make sure that you take it under the supervision of doctor only.  

Can you take Minocycline for acne? 

It is an oral antibiotic medicine which is often prescribed by the doctor to treat acne. Minocycline dosage for acne will depend upon your condition so always take it under the supervision of the doctor.  

This medicine treats acne by killing the bacteria which infects pores and decrease natural oily substance due to which acne is caused.   

Minocycline vs doxycycline 

Minocycline and doxycycline are known as tetracycline antibiotics that are very effective in treating various types of infection like urinary tract infections.  

Doxycycline can be taken with food while Minocycline can be taken with or without the food.  

Though no interactions have been shown between the medicines but still it is better to consult your doctor once before taking.  

What all you need to avoid while taking this medicine? 

For two hours before and after taking this medicine, you should strictly avoid the intake of antacids, multivitamins, laxatives and other supplements that are known to contain iron, calcium or magnesium.  

All the other medicines often make it difficult for your body to absorb Minocycline hydrochloride.  

When you are on Minocycline medication, it is very important for you to strictly avoid driving as well as involving into any kind of dangerous activity because this medicine is known for impairing and affecting your reactions.  

Antibiotic medicines can often cause diarrhoea which is considered as the sign of a new infection. So if you suffer from diarrhoea which is bloody or watery then immediately consult your doctor.  

Without the permission of a doctor, you should strictly not use any kind of anti-diarrhoea medicine.   

This drug can easily make you sunburn so it is always suggested to prevent sunlight or tanning beds.  

Whenever you are outdoors, make sure that you wear protective clothing as well as use sunscreen which has SPF 30 or higher.  

Can you take this medicine during pregnancy? 

You should strictly not take Minocycline in pregnancy because it can cause harm to your unborn baby or can even cause everlasting tooth discolouration in life later.  

Whether you are a man or a woman, when you are using this drug it is important for you to make use of effective birth control in order to prevent pregnancy successfully.  

Make sure that you immediately contact your doctor if pregnancy takes place while either the father or mother is taking this medicine.  

The use of this medication by either parent is often known for causing tooth discolouration in the life of a baby later.  

It is important for you to know that Minocycline can make the birth control pills less effective due to which it is better to consult your doctor about the use of non-hormonal birth control like condom or diaphragm with spermicide in order to avoid pregnancy effectively.  

Can a breastfeeding mother take this medicine? 

This medicine is known to pass into the breast milk which can affect both bone as well as tooth development in a nursing baby.  

So it is always suggested to not breast-feed while you are using this medication. 

Precautions you need to take while using this medicine? 

Before you start this medication, it is important for you to inform your doctor if you are allergic to it, or other tetracyclines or suffering from any other kind of allergies.  

Since this drug is known to contain certain inactive ingredients which can cause allergic reactions or other problems.  

So make sure you discuss with your doctor about all the risks and benefits of this medicine.  

Before the intake of this drug, inform your doctor about your medical history mainly of:

  • Kidney problems
  • Oesophagus problems such as reflux, hiatal hernia or heartburn
  • Kidney problems
  • Trouble in swallowing
  • Liver problems

This drug might make you feel dizzy due to which it is necessary for you to avoid the intake of alcohol or marijuana because it will make you feel dizzier.  

When you are on this medication, do not drive, use machinery or do anything that demands alertness until and unless you are sure to do it safely.  

Minocycline and alcohol should never be taken together because it can increase your risk for serious side effects.  

If you are using marijuana, make sure that you consult your doctor once.  

When you are on this medication, ensure limiting your exposure to the sun because it can make you more sensitive to the sun. Completely prevent sunlamps as well as tanning booths.  

Whenever you step out from your home, use sunscreen as well as wear protective clothing.  

In case, while using this medicine you suffer from sunburned or start having skin blisters or redness then immediately consult your doctor once.  

This medicine is also known for causing live bacterial vaccines like typhoid vaccine not to work effectively.  

So it is always better to not have any kind of immunizations or vaccinations when taking this medicine until and unless your doctor tells you to take.  

Before you go for any surgery, make sure that you inform your doctor or dentist well in advance about this medicine and also other products such as prescription drugs, herbal products as well as non-prescription drugs.  

Children who are below the age of 8 years are very sensitive to the side effects of this medicine, mainly tooth discolouration.  

Tooth discolouration might also happen in young adults as well as older children.  

Without medical advice, this medicine should not be given to any child.  

Therefore, it is always better to discuss your risks as well as benefits with the doctor before you start taking this drug. 

What are the side effects of this medicine?

Always remember that your doctor has prescribed you this medicine because he/she thinks that the benefits of this medicine are more as compared to the risks of its side effects.  

You need to contact your doctor immediately if you come across any signs of an allergic reaction to this drug such as hives, serious skin reaction like rash, difficulty in breathing and swelling of your throat or face.  

Get emergency medical help if you suffer from:

  • Little or no urination, shortness of breath
  • Swelling in ankles or feet, feeling tired
  • Signs of liver or pancreas problems like loss of appetite, yellowing of the skin or eyes, easy bruising, dark urine 
  • Joint pain, patchy skin colour, muscles aches, vomiting
  • Ringing in your ears, pain behind eyes, dizziness
  • Swollen glands, chest pain, trouble breathing, hyperpigmentation

Therefore, this is not the complete list of side effects, if you suffer from anything apart from this list consult your doctor immediately.  

Minocycline warnings 

This medicine is known for making the birth control pills less effective so ask your doctor about non-hormonal methods so that you can avoid pregnancy.  

Do not give this medicine to children without the consultation of a doctor.  

Minocycline Interactions 

There are total 178 drugs that interact with Minocycline

15 major drug interactions

137 moderate drug interactions

26 minor drug interactions 

Some of the names of drugs that interact with Minocycline tablets include Accutane, Cymbalta, Lyrica, etc. 


We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.

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