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Women experiencing severe symptoms of menopause are given Estrogen. It works like hormone therapy in women.
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What are estrogen supplements?

Estrogen is a female hormone that is used by women to reduce the symptoms of menopause (for instance, vaginal dryness, flashes). These symptoms are the cause of the body’s abnormality of making less estrogen. Some estrogen products might also be used the women to prevent bone loss after menopause. 

Estrogen supplements use 

This medication that use to reduce the symptoms of menopause, if being used to treat the symptoms only around and in the vagina, the product must functional directly inside the vagina must be considered before taking medications which taken orally, absorbed through the body’s skin or injected. Few products of estrogen may also be used by the women to prevent bone loss.  Estrogen birth control plays an essential role, a combination of estrogen and progestin that are two female sex hormones, prevents ovulation. Estrogen pills for women are beneficial in many ways if taken after consultation. In some cases of acne problems, estrogen supplements over the counterMany women also use estrogen pills for breast growth and it works as every birth control pills such as estrogen and progestin has urged this condition. 

Estrogen Dosage 

Estrogen pills benefit when taken 0.5 mg, 1mg, or 2 mg typically on a daily base which is also an ideal dose. The medication can be taken more than once in a day in some conditions. The topical gel is applied to the skin at the same time. 

Usual Adult dosage for Primary Ovarian Failure:

Injectable Estradiol valerate

Usual dose: 10 mg to 20 mg intramuscular every 4 weeks. 

Oral tablets

Initial dose: 1mg to 2 mg orally once in a day 

Usual Adult Dose for Osteoporosis:

Transdermal Film: 1film applied twice in a week

Transdermal patches: 1 patch applied once in a week.

Some patches may apply twice in a week: the producer product in the sequence must be consulted to the doctor before taking.  

Estrogen interactions

You should tell your pharmacist or doctor about all your non-prescriptions, prescriptions, recreational drugs, nutritional dietary supplements, herbal remedies and over the counter before taking Estrogen pills: especially Medication for thyroid, Lovastatin, Antifungal, Phenobarbital, Rifampin etc. Other products like raloxifene, tamoxifene, tranexamic acid, ospemifene, fulverstrant, aromatase inhibitors like (Anastrozole, letrozole, and exemestane), and toremifene. These pills may obstruct with firm laboratory examinations that also includes the metyrapone test, perhaps reasons forged test penalty. Make certain laboratory staff and all your consultants know you use this drug.  

Estrogen side effects

Sudden weight gain, gas, heartburn, diarrhea, breast pain or tenderness, constipation, nervousness, back pain, difficulty staying asleep and falling, change in sexual desire, mood changes, hair loss or unwanted growth of hair, difficulty wearing contact lenses, vaginal discharge, redness and irritation at the site of application, Darkening of facial skin, Sudden, severe headache, severe vomiting, Speech problems, Dizziness or fainting, complete or partial loss of vision or double vision, Weakness or numbness of an arm or leg, Crushing chest pain or chest heaviness, Coughing up blood, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Breast lumps or other breast changes, Nipple discharge and these are the common side effects of estrogen.  

MOA (Mechanism of Action) of Estrogen 

The estrogen actions are mediated by the estrogen receptor (ER), a dimeric nuclear protein that binds to DNA and controls gene expression. Estrogen enters passively into the cell-like other steroid hormones, where it binds to and activates the receptors of estrogen. 

Estrogen Precautions

Before starting the course of estrogen consult to your doctor and tell him/her about all your allergies if you are allergic to a certain drug or anything. This product might contain inactive ingredients that can cause allergic reactions or many other problems. Take suggestions to the doctor about more precautions. 

We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.

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