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Enalapril is marketed as Vasotec, Enacard and Enaladex and is primarily an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor and has been successfully used in the treatment of chronic heart ailments, hypertension and renal disorders secondary to diabetes.
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Drug Information

Vasotec contains Enalapril, an Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitor, employed for lowering the abnormally high blood pressure and congestive heart failure in adults. The medication is widely recommended for preventing the heart strokes, cardiac arrests and kidney problems. Enalapril is also prescribed to those patients who are suffering from left ventricular dysfunction. The disorder doesn’t allow the heart to efficiently pump out the blood to rest of the body. The drug can also be utilized for other purposes as determined by the physician. Enalapril can be successfully given to a child who Is one month old or above.


Enalapril follows the same work mechanism as that of other ACE inhibitors. ACE or Angiotensin Converting Enzyme is created in the body when Angiotensin-I converts into Angiotensin-II. The enzyme disturbs the normal functioning of the body by constricting the blood vessels and increasing the blood pressure acutely. The medication inhibits the production of the Angiotensin II enzyme, widens the blocked arteries and offers enough room for the blood to flow smoothly. This provides adequate amount of oxygen in the heart region and, thereby reducing the pressure on it for providing blood to other body parts for better functioning.


Enalapril must be used as directed by the doctor. Read the patient leaflet inside the pack for information. While using the drug, keep monitoring the blood pressure levels at regular periods. Unnecessary use of the medication is highly dangerous as it may lower down the blood pressure drastically. The dosage of the drug will be determined on the basis of the overall medical condition.

Start with the lower dosage and tell the doctor if the condition doesn’t better. The doctor will alter the dosage after analyzing the effects of the medication on a patient. Do not make voluntary changes in the dosing schedule. The recommended dosage of Enalapril is 5 mg once daily for hypertension and 2.5 mg once a day for congestive heart failure. Enalapril is an oral medication to be consumed before or after the meals. Go for liver and kidney tests regularly while using this drug.

Side Effects

Side effects of Enalapril are dizziness, dry mouth, vertigo, headache, insomnia, skin reactions, diarrhea, weight changes, urination problems, heart pounding, unusual swelling, flu symptoms, muscle ache, numbness, uneven heart rate and appetite loss.


  • Do not use Enalapril if you are allergic to the medication or any other ACE inhibitor. If you have developed any kind of allergy in the past due to the medications, inform your doctor.
  • Stop using Enalapril drug if you are pregnant or have plans to get pregnant.
  • Avoid using the drug if you are suffering from Angiodema, any kidney or liver disorder or any other serious disease.
  • Enalapril can cause certain kidney problems. Therefore, take the medication under strict medical supervision if you have any kidney problems or using any Aliskiren drugs.
  • Strive for medical intervention if you notice swelling, urination problems or respiratory issues. These can be the possible indications of kidney problems.
  • Enalapril can bring changes in heart or electrolyte levels. Talk to your doctor immediately if you feel unwell suddenly or notice unpleasant changes in the body, such as tingling, heart pounding, muscle ache and extreme weakness.

We only ship medications which are approved by FDA, Also please consult your doctor to make a full decision on what medication to take.

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